Aims & Objectives

1. To impart knowledge to the Muslim children coming from diverse economic backgrounds.
2. To prepare God fearing, faithful,punctual, hardworking and virtuous future citizens.

3. To inculcate the urge and courage for putting in the best efforts to compete in this ruthlessly competitive world in order to secure their rightful place in the society and to build the basis for higher education.

4. To develop the capacity to work together with confidence and goodwill, to develop kindness, love, good manners and to inculcate the habit of treating followers of other faiths with kindness and sympathy.

5. To prepare them to explore, unearth and conquer the mysteries of nature and thus appreciate the wisdom of the creator.
In order to achieve the above-mentioned aims & objectives the Anjuman is running a Higher Secondary School and a Madrasa with various sections as given below:

(i) Primary Section

(ii) Junior High School (for Boys) (iii) Junior High School (for Girls) (iv) Higher Sec. School (for Boys) (v) Higher Sec. School (for Girls)
(B) Madrasa Arabia Tameer-e-Millat

(i) Section of Nadhirah & Hifdh.

(ii) Section of Alimiyat
(iii) Section of Tajweed & Calligraphy.

The Higher Secondary School is affiliated to U.P. Board. The teaching upto Junior High School level is being done through NCERT courses.
In Madrasa the children complete their Nadhirah along with
LKG, UKG & I level courses of primary section in three years.
Then in the next three years they complete their Hifdth and also the primary section courses upto level I V . T h e s t u d e n t s are then admitted to an Alimiat course of 6 years named as Arabic I to Arabic VI. During the first four years (i.e. Arabic I to

(IV) they have to pass the Hr Sec. School examination as well. The contemporary and Arabic courses offered at various levels of