Rules & Regulations



(i)     Admissions are offered from Class LKG to IX.

(ii)   For admission to  KG standard the parents  have to appear in the interview along with their children.

(iii)  For admission to the rest of the classes, there will be a written test according to the standard of the class  with subjects as given below:

(a)   Std. I to V : Theology, Urdu, Hindi, English & Maths.

(b)  S t d .  V I  t o IX : Urdu, Hindi, English, Maths.   &  Science

(iv)  Admission will be offered on the basis of a combined merit in the written test and interview.

(2)  AGE:

(i)     For Std. LKG the age should be in between four(4) years to six(6) years on 1st October of the year. And for std. I  the

age between five to seven years will be acceptable,  (Upto class-I, the date of birth certificate from the  municipal authorities is essential).

(ii)      For other classes the age limit will be in accordance  with that of the std. I . (Proof of date of birth from the school last atten ded is to be s ubm itted w i th th e  appl i catio n for admission.)


A student coming to the school should be in proper uniform as described below:

(i)  ��  For Boys: Kurta / Plain Shirt (White), Pajama / Trousers

(Brown colour), Laced,Black Shoes,White socks, White round cap and School Badges. On Fridays, the trousers should be of white colour. The boy’s uniform will be prepared only by the school tailor.

(ii)   For Girls : Sky blue Jumper, White Shalwar, White Dupatta / Scarf, Laced Black Shoes, Socks and School Badges. The girls of more than twelve years are expected to ��wear a veil.However,from IX on-ward. Black Burqa is compulsory. Every year there will be a prize distribution on the basis of cleanliness and proper uniform.

(4)  FEES:

(i)     Admission Fees:

Std. LKG & UKG                Rs. 750/-

Std. I to V                            Rs. 1500/-

Std. VI to VIII                       Rs. 2000/-

Std. IX                                 Rs.  3000/-

 (ii)   Monthly Fees:

 Std. KG                           ��  Rs.300/-

Std. I to V                            Rs. 500/-

Std. VI to VIII                       Rs.600/-

Std. IX����   ��     ��   ������  ��     ��         Rs.700/-

 (iii)  Yearly contribution:

Std. I to VIII   �� ��         ��   ��    Rs. 1200/-

Std. IX to X                        Rs. 2500/-

(iv)  Monthly fee and yearly contribution can preferably  be deposited for six months or for the whole year in  the

beginning of the session.

(v)   It is necessary to deposit the monthly fee between1st to

15th of every month.

(vi)  If a student fails to pay his dues till the last working day of the month, his name will be struck off the rolls.

(vii)  Instead of any kind of relaxation in terms of fees, there is a provision of scholarship for the poor  students.


(i)     75% attendance in the class is necessary for appearing  in the annual examination.

(ii)   If the student continues to be absent without leave  for seven working days during the session, his/her name will be struck off the rolls.

(iii)  No student shall be allowed to remain more than two years

in the same class.


For re-admission the student will have to fill up a form and deposit the re-admission fee.

(7)  DIARY:

(i)     Diary is compulsory for all the students from KG to Class


(ii)��  What is done in the classroom by the child and what is to be done at the home will be maintained in the diary.

(iii)  The parents/guardians should check, whether the  given assignment has been completed by the student and then should sign the same.


The annual examinations are held in the month of March and the six monthly in the month of October. Besides, there are weekly sessional tests on each  Friday. The detailed schedule of examinations is  announced in the brginning of each session.


(i)          For Summer       :  ���� ����  �� �� form 1st March

                7:45 am           to ��   �� �� �� �� ��  1:15 pm.

(ii)  �� �� ��  For Winter  ��   �� �� :            from 1st November

�� �� �� ��   ��   �� 8:15 am �� ��   �� �� to  ��   �� �� �� �� �� 1:25 pm.

(ii)            For Ramadhan:

The timings will be fixed according to the season


(i)  ��  A well equipped and well maintained science lab with  a handful of various kind of appliances to be used in physics, chemistry and biological experiments.

(ii)   A computer lab having enough systems for the computer

training of the students from class I to VIII. Also a projector is available for demonstration and teaching through CD’s and internet.

(iii)  Library with a vast range of books.

(iv)  There is a provision of limited boarding facility inside the campus, separately for the students of the school  and for the students of the Madrasa.

(v)   There is a good opportunity to develop proficiency in English lan gu age and to enh an ce En gl ish speaki ng  po wer . A language   lab with audio cassettes is  available for this purpose in which the students from class I to X practice in the guidance of teachers.


(vi)  The newly admitted students to the school who are weak in English and / or Urdu / or Quran are provided with an extra coaching in afternoon in the respective subjects until they are at par with other students of their class.